Easter news

Because my physical condition isn`t very good now, the next chapter will be delayed. But I promise to deliver it till Friday max.
Then I am leaving and I will be back on Tuesday. It means another delay in chapters.

And because of this and because I want to please you I am coming up with an idea:
I will accept requests for Imagines with Thranduil

Write down your idea\wish (anything, doesn`t matter if in Middle Earth or modern…) and I will draw one at random, write it and post it.

You can comment me your ideas till the end of this week (27.3.)

Let me know what do you think!:]

5 thoughts on “Easter news

      1. I was thinking something like them dancing or when they fell off the cliff.

        But its all up to you.


  1. First…take care of yourself…..that’s #1…..if you are going with Easter theme…they celebrated Ostara…beginning of new life…spring…look up celebrations for Ostara…..they honored Nature…..something needs to happen to that queen….her Father’s behind the treason…..from what I am reading…next nature celebration is Beltane…..Fertility……maypole dancing…..everyone looks to Beltane and next is summer solstice which is a high holiday and Faeries!!!! Longest day of the year…..


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