Next Imagine Thranduil. This time for 18+ hehe.

Based on Imagine from Instagram by Lovelordly:

Tauriel is being punished for insubordination (rough sex)

Well, I hope I managed that:]

Tauriel and her patrol of ten elves arrived just in the middle of night.

The whole way back they were silent, nobody spoke a word. They were scared. Tauriel could feel it. And she didn`t blame them. She pushed them to go further, to disobey their King and to break the rules. She should be punished, not them. But all of them knew that the King will punish the whole patrol. They should accomplish any order she was giving them until it crossed the orders of the King. Then the King had a more valuable word.

The redhead Captain of the Guard adjusted her uniform and hair and rushed to the King`s study. She wasn`t surprised, that the King was awake still and that he wanted to see her immediately. A shiver ran down her spine. The fact that it didn`t wait till the morning meant that he was furious. That the King was raging was visible also on the faces of the guards staying right behind the door of the study. Their pale faces when they saw her told her everything. They pitied her.

Valars, this will be tough.

She knocked and entered the room.

The sight in front of her made her speechless. She wasn`t able to breathe and her heart just stopped.

She expected Thranduil to be red with an anger. She didn`t expect Thranduil to rest against the table in the simple pants and a night coat over his bare torso. He had it fastened around his waist by a strip like a belt, but she saw very well the piece of a broad chest with collarbones, in the huge V-neckline even though he had his arms crossed over his chest. The dark color of it made his skin glow out. His platinum hair was loose and without the crown. She had never seen him so casual…But his appearance wasn`t the only thing what shocked her greatly. It was also his cold, composed face. She collected herself and bowed.

“My King, you wanted to see me.”

But he didn`t say anything. He was quiet. His glacial gaze was piercing her through like daggers.

Oh, no. This kind of rage was the worst – the quiet one which will break into a huge storm.

Tauriel swallowed hard and for the first time in her duty, she felt a real fear. She lowered her gaze because she couldn`t stand his icy blue one.  A lot of elves, servants, and guards, were saying that he is unable to read but she could easily read his emotions in his stormy eyes. Not, that he had many. Once she even saw that he was pleased but it was so long ago that she couldn`t remember by what.

“You did it again.”

The deep, low voice broke the silence between them. She shivered again. He didn`t yell, he didn`t reproach her yet.

“You disobeyed me again even though I warned you once already.”

“My Lord, but-“

“I do not care why, or how or what saint purposes did set you on this.” Thranduil interrupted her. He let a small piece of his enormous rage to be heard. Tauriel just wanted to hide somewhere away him, “You crossed the line, Tauriel.”

“I am very sorry, my Lord, but please listen-“

“Enough!” He just raised his voice slightly but it did its work. Tauriel`s hands started trembling so hard that she better hid them behind her back.

“It almost seems that you are enjoying my anger!”

This time, he raised his voice slightly. Tauriel snapped her head up and looked into his eyes with a shock. No, she never intended to make him mad at her.

“What I have to do with you to make you obey me, finally, hm?!”

Tauriel was just opening and closing her mouth like a dying fish. She wanted to say something, to defense herself but she had no idea what to say. He was right to be angry. She just wished him to listen to her and solve the problems in the forest from its roots.

The King sighed. The sound of it was almost a growl as he was holding his rage at bay. Then he walked around the desk and sat down on the high, beautifully carved chair.

“Come here.” He ordered. Tauriel slowly obeyed, confusion was clearly written in her face. Thranduil pulled further from the desk and looked at her with an absolute, glacial gaze.

“Take your leggings off.”


The King pierced her with his eyes.

“I said, take your leggings off. Then bend over my knees.”

Tauriel`s eyes widened. The last time she was spanked like this was when she was a little elleth and broke a very old vase. But now it was another situation. She felt her cheeks burning. This was humiliating.


The irritation in his voice made her flinch. It seemed she had no choice anyway. She reluctantly stripped her leggings to her knees and stepped closer to her King. He was so kind that he kept his eyes straight and didn`t look at her. Tauriel shivered.

“I am not enjoying this either, Tauriel, but you gave me no choice. Bend over my knees.”

She did as he said. When she rested her belly on his lap with her butt so shamefully served she closed her eyes to push the tears away.

“Next time you disobey me, you`ll be punished like this in front of your patrol.” He stated. Tauriel bit her lower lip. She hated him for this. She hated him that he found the way to break her. Because this was too much for her. He knew that her ego was almost as big as his and that only a humiliation could break her. He knows now.

“Hold the armrest.” She heard a firm voice. He was sitting still, not moving, not touching her yet. She started trembling slightly. Tauriel caught the armrest and rested her forehead on her knuckles.

He didn`t say anything. He didn`t ask if she is ready or not. She just saw the shadow of his arm and then  she felt the itching, hot pain when he slapped her. She cried out more with a surprise than with a pain and her tears burst from her eyes. The next slaps were regular and he wasn`t sparing her. Soon the skin on her buttock was red and sensitive.

And the pain somehow turned to another kind of feeling.

It still hurt but it sent strange sensations to her inner core. It started feeling good.

Tauriel was still crying but she wasn`t sure why, anymore. Every time his palm landed on her skin she felt a pain at first but then it spread out into a pleasurable tickling down to her stomach and core. She also realized the feeling of his other palm, resting calmly on her back and from time to time almost caressing her when she cried out too loud. Like he feared to hurt her.

Tauriel let her head fall between her arms and pressed her mouth to his leg in a soft fabric of tight pants. She didn`t want him to know that she had to fight with herself to not moan in a pleasure. And that the warmth between her legs was overwhelming her.

With the next slap, she pushed up her butt to meet his palm. He registered it and she as well. She snapped her eyes wide open. He hesitated with the next slap and as she moved she brushed over something with her side.

He was aroused too.

He slapped her harder this time like he wanted to punish her for this, for being aroused and for arousing him as well. This time, she wasn`t able to hold her moaning and her hips swirled. When she wasn`t allowed to go forward then she pressed her crotch onto his leg.

She heard him exhale. He surprisingly didn`t continue in the slapping, instead, he brushed the red buttocks with his fingertips. She moaned again and pressed herself to him even more.

“Do you want me to continue…?”

Tauriel shivered from the sound of his voice. She has never heard him like this. So rasp, so low and so purring.

“Y-Yes…please…” She whispered.

He caressed her red skin and she felt his fingertips almost brush her the most sensitive spot between her legs, just where she wanted to feel him. She cried out loudly but quickly muffled the sound by pressing her mouth to his leg again.

“I don`t reward the disobedience.” He stated and even though he wanted to sound firm again, she picked up the hints of his lust.

“Please…” She breathed and swirled her hips again and pressed her body closer to him so she could feel his erection clearly on her side. The King slapped her for the last time, even harder than before. She cried out but the end of her cry was more a moan and she dared to raise her head and look into his eyes. His face was in a tension as he was trying to stay calm but his eyes were storming with the sparkles she had never seen before. He looked so…alive.

She wanted to turn to face him and touch that marble-like chest but he caught her wrist.

“Now get up and get dressed.” He ordered. Tauriel almost started crying again. Her body was shaking with a need and he refused her. Even though the original punishment was a pleasure for her, he found the way to humiliate her anyway.

She slowly got up. Her legs were like a jelly. Thranduil caught her arm to stabilize her. Her eyes slipped to the big bulge between his legs. She swallowed hard. Their eyes met. He didn`t move. Like he wanted to provoke her with his erection without a shame.

“You don`t deserve it. Obey me and I shall reward you.”

“How?” She asked with a raspy voice.

Thranduil`s eyes got several shades darker and his lips curved to a devilish smirk.

Oh, how sexy he was right now.

“I will show you what else you can beg me for.”

He released he grip on her arm and nodded that she can leave. Tauriel fastened her leggings and with a totally washed brain she left the King`s study.

Tauriel was laying in her bed with eyes wide open. She was staring at the ceiling above her head. The sun was up for several hours already but she wasn`t able to get up. She knew she had time until the lunch, then she will have to eat and go to another patrol. But till then…

Her crotch was throbbing wildly. She has touched herself this morning for three times already and yet she wasn`t even close to the satisfaction.

She dreamt about him. About what he had done to her and what he could have done to her. She dreamt about his lips between her legs. She has heard a lot about it around the court but she has never experienced it before. She was too young and didn`t have the time nor the opportunities much, except for several kisses and hands under the tunic.

When she woke up she was angry at first. Angry, that he humiliated her so much, that he refused her and she won`t be able to look at him now. She hated him because he found the way to control her and manipulate her. She didn`t desire to be spanked in front of everyone. Especially when she knew now what it was doing to her.

But then her memories slipped back to the King`s study and she was revealing it like a movie in her head, her own fingers playing with her.

But now she really didn`t know what to do.

I will show you what else you can beg me for.

She didn`t want to beg him. She wanted him to please her, to give her the release and satisfaction. For a brief moment, she even remembered one of her guards who was waiting for her. He wanted her so much but she was hesitating. They kissed and she even let him touch her in several places but she couldn`t imagine him to give her pleasure like this. She lost her mind with the Elvenking. Now it is up to him to bring her back to senses.

Tauriel screamed in frustration and kicked the nearest stone she found on the ground. The rest of the patrol was staring at her. They were on the border of their lands and they`ve found amazing clear tracks of the spiders. But she couldn`t do it. She wanted to. But her body wasn`t allowing her. Her body wanted to be rewarded.

I will show you what else you can beg me for.

His deep, low and aroused voice was ringing in her head the whole day. She felt an instant warmth between her tights whenever she thought about him, whenever someone mentioned the King.

“So, Captain, what we are going to do?”

Tauriel stopped in her hysteria and she was breathing heavily. A mix of an anger and a sexual frustration was ruling over her.

“We`ll go back.”

If the guards were surprised by her decision, they didn`t show it. And she was glad for it.

Tauriel slammed the door behind her and started crying.

She hates him! She hates him so much!

How could she even believe that he was serious? How stupid she has been! The King would never pledge himself with a lowly Captain like this!

Tauriel wanted to break something but instead, she fell on her bed and muffled her cries with a pillow.

She came in time. She didn`t disobey him and yet he even refused to hear her report. Instead, he left with some noble she-elf. He would rather please her, Sindar beauty with a long, golden hair and with a ringing laugh than a silvan, dirty elleth from guards. How she could be so stupid and want HIM? The King? And even think that he wants her?

When the door to her chamber has been opened without a knock she sat up abruptly and wiped her tears away. Her heart quickens when she saw the King closing the door. He examined her face, meanwhile he was putting his crown aside as well as his brooch and the rings. He behaved like it was his chamber and not hers.

“Are you crying?”

Tauriel broke the eye-contact and looked aside. She tried to calm her own heart but it wouldn`t listen. She got up and bowed:

“Did my King come to hear the report?”

Thranduil tilted his head a little and stepped closer.

“Did you doubt my words? Because I was busy?”

Tauriel did not answer. Instead, she looked aside again and frowned. She realized why she was crying instantly. It wasn`t just because of the humiliation again.

“You are jealous.” He stated breathlessly. She clenched her jaw not daring to look at his handsome face. She expected him to laugh at her but instead he leaned to her ear. His warm breath was sending shivers down her spine:

“I am not yours, little one. But you are definitely mine.”

“I am not!”

“You really think so…?” He put a strand of her red hair behind the pointy ear. It was so gentle and an intimate gesture that her heart skipped a beat. Who was this elf in front of her? This couldn`t be the King she used to know. The cold, ignorant King.

She slowly opened her eyes to meet his. She always thought that Sindars have strange eyes. So light, so cold like the grey clouds of a summer storm. But now she saw the dark depths of an ocean. Dark depths of a desire. It should scare her but it didn`t. She wanted him to long for her as well as she was longing for him. Despite, she couldn`t comprehend what was going on with her because she has never experienced lust like this nor she would even imagine it would be the King whom she will want, she knew for sure that she wanted him badly.

“If you don`t like the fact, you have the last chance to step away, little one. But I swear you will search for me inside of everyone you will be with and I won`t be found.” He whispered to her ear. He gave her a moment to understand. To let the truth sank into her senses.

He was right. She would search for him anyway.

When she didn`t move nor say anything, he straightened himself up again and looked over the chamber.

“Take your uniform off. I want you to be naked for me.”

Tauriel swallowed hard. Is she really ready for this? This was several levels higher than yesterday. It wasn`t just her butt to be exposed. He wanted to see her whole. She hesitated.

“I will not repeat myself, Captain.” He frowned but she recognized that this frown wasn`t the serious one. He wasn`t angry, he was just firm and yet he was patience enough to let her hesitate and slowly take every layer of her uniform off and toss it on the floor. When she straightened herself up, she covered her breasts and crotch with her arms and blush crept into her cheeks. He was still standing there like a statue and just his eyes were drinking her nudity.

“Don`t hide yourself.” His voice was lower and lower.

Tauriel fought the urge and she let her arms hang down. She took a deep breath and goosebumps covered her skin. She looked into his face but she couldn`t say for sure if he liked what he saw.

After a short while of a stretching silence, he finally looked into her eyes.

“Bend over the table.” He pointed out with his head and meanwhile she slowly leaned on the cold desk of the table with her butt exposed again, he took off his robe and came to her just in the pants, high boots and a simple, yet luxurious tunic.

“Extend your arms above your head…. Good girl.”

Tauriel was breathing heavily. Her heart was racing like a crazy one and just from the way she was submitted to him she felt her arousal rising. And he didn`t even touch her yet.

She felt his hair tickling her back when he leaned over her, pressing his crotch to her butt and put her hair aside so he could see her face clearly. The gentleness in contrast with the orders was unimaginably maddening.

He pulled away from her for a second and then she felt his fingers slowly slipping between her buttock down to the soft spot. She was already wet for him. She heard the shattered exhale and she bit her lower lip. Her hips went upward to press against his hand.

“If only I have known you enjoyed being submissive I would have done it a long time ago.” He chuckled pleasantly. His chuckle came from the depths of his broad chest and it was loaded down with his own arousal.

Tauriel shivered. She was losing her mind already. He really was showing her what else she can beg him for.

“Please…” She whimpered.

“Please what?” He leaned over her again, his hair slipping to her sides and he kissed her back and purred into her skin.

“Please, touch me.”

Thranduil raised his eyebrow.

“My Lord…” She added and he smiled approvingly.

His smile is beautiful, she thought to herself but instantly, the thought was lost as he cupped her heat. She moaned loudly. He had to steady her hips with his other hand. Tauriel thought that her heart will jump off from her ribcage how fast it was beating. She won`t survive him.

She felt her juices to run down her thighs, the cold sensation made her shiver. He was kissing her back gently, mixing it with teasing marks from his teeth. His fingers were playing with the soft clit. It didn’t seem he would mind that his huge palm was soaked with her wetness. Tauriel couldn`t keep her moans at bay and she was starting to be really loud.

When she called out his name without a title he bit her strongly and she cried out in pain. But still, he continued, building up her orgasm with every stroke. His hands were experienced, it was like he knew her every nerve and every spot. He read her body with ease.

She started trembling, flashes of a desire were lighting behind her closed eyes. It was different. So different from her own pleasure when she was alone. With his hands between her legs it was better, much more better. She could never imagine such a pleasure he was giving her right now.

But then he suddenly stopped, pulling himself away, his skillful fingers as well.


She heard his chuckle again.

“Get up.”

She did as he wanted, this time without a hesitation. Just her head was spinning and he caught her around her waist.

“Turn to me.”

Tauriel turned to face him. She held him by his broad, strong shoulders and she leaned on him for a support. And he didn`t object. She felt his strong, muscular body and mainly, his hard erection still hidden in the pants.

She raised her head to look at his face. His expression lost the firm look. His eyes were beaming despite the darkness within them. He stroked her hair, tangled his fingers in it and pulled backwards. She gasped from a pain and then again when he attacked her lips roughly. She pressed herself against him and he embraced her tightly. She was shocked how good it felt to be in his arms. He parted her lips and their tongues met in a passionate dance. He slowly slipped his hands by her sides and caught her butt. With one swift move, like she weighed nothing, he seated her on the table without breaking the kiss.

Tauriel`s dream was coming true. She always wanted to be with a strong ellon, better with a warrior. She always wanted an ellon who would show her her place. And she was lucky enough to end up in the arms of the best warrior on the whole Arda. The Elvenking himself was roughly kissing her.

Thranduil stepped between her knees and she immediately tangled her legs around his slender waist.

She grew bolder when she felt his need was as big as hers and she pulled the tunic over his head to reveal his perfect torso. She pushed him away to take a look at him. He stopped, heavily breathing. His lips were red from the kissing.

“Do you like this view, little one?”

Tauriel nodded and traced her index finger down from his collar bones, over his broad, muscular chest to the flat belly. She stopped at the fastenings of his pants.

“Not yet. Lay down.”

She obeyed. He pinned her hands above her head with his one hand and continued kissing her. She embraced his waist again and by the strength of her tighs, she pulled him so close to her that their crotches were pressing to one another. Thranduil didn`t expect it and moaned. It was more like it escaped his lips by an accident because till now he held himself. Tauriel moaned with him. It was enough to set her on fire again.

He was tasting the skin on her neck, leaving red marks after his teeth from time to time, leaving her moaning aloud. Tauriel was moving her hips, rubbing herself against his hard companion. What was even better was the fact that it was driving him crazy as well. His kisses were less gentle and became rougher. He was biting her and moaning softly into her skin. He let go her hands and cupped her breasts. She arched her back towards him, meeting his chest, calling his name again.

His mouth found her nipple and he sucked it in. Tauriel cried out, ripping his skin on shoulder by her nails.

To her surprise, he pulled away and took her around the waist. With her legs still around his waist, he moved them to the bed where he laid her down and continued where he has stopped.

Tauriel tangled her hands into his silky hair. He was playing with her nipples with his tongue and the other one with his thumb, sending the next waves for orgasm to her body. She arched her back again to meet his hips with hers, to press her painfully aroused blossom to his hard cock but he didn`t allow her to do it. He pressed his palm on her hips and pinned them to the bed.

“You little minx.” He hissed and bit her nipple gently.


This time, he didn`t correct her, maybe he lost the connection between the reality and their bed games, she thought for a mere second.

He kissed her lips.

“You beg nicely, my dear.” The King smirked towards her lips. She felt her orgasm going away again even though the maddening arousal never decreased. But still, she felt frustrated. He was playing with her. She couldn`t comprehend how it is possible that he was not mad like her, that he could resist such a pleasure.

Maybe because she is just taking the pleasure, not giving.

Tauriel reached for his bulge on the pants and squeezed it. Thranduil almost lost the balance as he was leaning over her, supporting himself by his arms.

Oh, he is mad about her as well.

He frowned and his lips were parted. The expression on his face was unbearable. The throaty sound he made, sent a shiver down her spine. It was something beyond her imagination, beyond her comprehension. He was so perfect.

Tauriel wanted to finally get rid of his pants and see him fully but he stopped her again. But he didn`t say anything. He wasn`t able to, anymore. Instead, he lowered his head and made her moan again when he licked her nipples. His tongue made a small path from her breasts deep down to her crotch but stopped just above her clit.

She whimpered something. She couldn`t even remember what and if it was even some kind of sentence or just a sound. But it seemed he understood her and finally after such a torment, he slowly licked her wetness from down to top. She arched her back and better bit her own arm than to scream like she wanted to.

His tongue was slow but he touched just the right spots. After he licked all the juices his tongue moved to the clit and quickened. Tauriel couldn`t catch her breath. She was gasping, moaning and whimpering. She didn`t know if to yell at him to stop or not. It felt so amazingly overwhelming and yet tormenting. He reached for her breast and increased her madness when his thumb started rubbing her erected nipple.

Just when he slipped a finger inside her, she almost lost her mind. Her release was so close now that she had an impression she could touch it.

But Thranduil stopped again.

“I hate you.” She breathed, “I hate you.”

Thranduil chuckled and kissed her thigh.

“You will regret these words later.”

“Please…” She cried out and this time, tears appeared in her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Something ran ghostly across his face. His expression changed and he gently wiped her tears away.

“I promised you a reward, didn`t I?”

Tauriel didn`t say anything and just sobbed, frustrated from her unsatisfied needs. But when he straightened himself up and started unfastening his pants she gained back the focus and her eyes were on his fingers. She patiently waited to see his precious hardness.

When his erection was finally free she widened her eyes.

Is she really ready for this?

Thranduil was examining the reaction and his eyes went wide as well.

“You never…?”

Tauriel shook her head. The King sighed heavily, breaking the moment, he ran fingers through his hair in a frustration. She saw his hesitation and a fear spread in her guts. With a shaking hand, she touched the head of his member. He darted his head to her, hissing through his teeth with a pleasure. It encouraged her and she caught the length with her small hand.

“Oh, Tauriel,” He moaned in a hoarse voice. He didn`t call her by her name often. They always used titles and posts instead. It sounded so nice from his lips. She wanted more.

“Do you really want this?”

Tauriel nodded, pulling him closer roughly.

“I want my reward.”

He chuckled and she would do anything to hear it again.

“Then I shall give it to you.” He whispered and licked her earlobe. She helped him to take off the pants and then they fell to the blankets and pillows again tangled together. She was anxious a little but his touches were suddenly more gentle and intimate since he found out she had never felt anyone inside her. And she appreciated it even though she wished for the roughness and dominance. He slowly entered her just with the head and she cried out. Her body started shaking.

“Should I stop?”


She caught his shoulders and dug nails into his flawless skin. He slowly continued until he didn`t fill her whole. She panted and felt dizzy for a moment until she adjusted for his length. He kissed her gently and when he saw no tears nor the sign of a pain in her face he made the first thrust.

Both of them moaned loudly.

And then he lost the control completely. It was too much for him.

His tempo was murderous but she was meeting his hips forward in every thrust. She had to hold onto him firmly. The bed was whimpering with them but they didn`t hear it anyway.

In one mere moment, he changed the angle and the fire burst behind her eyes. Her body tensed and relaxed at the same time. A wave of a madness ran over her and she heard her own voice screaming his name. When her last orgasmic tension squeezed her muscles inside he came as well. He frowned and opened his mouth slightly. A loud throaty moan escaped his lips and she felt the throbbing inside her. Then they collapsed in each other arms.

The blankets and their own bodies were covered in a sweat and juices. Their breathing was more steady now but none of them said a word. The realization hit her suddenly. What happened. And mainly with who.

She slept with her King.

But when she looked at him she couldn`t see the King. It was completely someone else.

Thranduil rose from her arms without a word and reached for his pants. She watched him silently to get dressed. How he fastened his pants meanwhile he was watching the view from her window deep in thoughts. How he put on the robe, the brooch and the rings. The last one was the crown.

Even now she couldn`t recognize the King. He was simply someone else to her now. It will be difficult. She knew it.

He checked himself in the mirror and when he noticed the stains of her dry juices in the crotch on his pants he cursed and tried to fasten his robe so it won`t be visible. She smirked.

He looked at her through the mirror.

Well, yes, that might be the King she used to know. His icy eyes are back. Tauriel shivered, but still, she gave it her last shot.

“It seems you are mine as well.”

He pierced her with his glare and then he turned to the door.

“I shall hear your report after the dinner, Captain.”

“As you wish, my King.” She said smirking. He left, closing the door behind him silently.

She couldn`t stop smiling.

He didn`t deny it, after all.

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