Hello from the other side

Lately, I have received several comments about what is going on and when the new chapter will be posted.

First of all, I would like to say sorry to all of you that I didn`t post so long. Why? What is going on?

Actually, I have written like 1\5 of a new chapter but it is hard to continue due to lack of time or lack of thoughts.

A month ago everything went to hell. I broke up with my bf with who I have been living. So I had to deal with the end of the relationship and now I am dealing with moving to the new home. I also started having some health issues on top of that. My heart and my brain are full of crap and I have been too much distracted to write properly.

However, I really believe I will finish the story. It is just a couple of chapters to the end. So don`t worry I would let you without the resolution of the end:] Just please, give me a time to write the chapter properly and nicely. I will do my best to finish it as soon as possible.

Thank you for your support and that you are still around. Writing this story has been an incredible experience and I love it and I want to write more and more. For you, guys. Because you are awesome.

I love you all.


6 thoughts on “Hello from the other side

  1. Sorry to hear of your recent breakup. That certainly throw you for a loop!! I can wait for you and check in everyday for any updates. You take care of yourself.
    Best Wishes My Friend,



  2. “Some of think that holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it’s letting go.” – Herman Hesse

    Take care of your health, eat well.


  3. Break up are hard, but if it was a negative one, you are better off with out and now time for healing your self….Think of YOU number 1! Do for yourself for a while…take time for YOU>>>>I have been there several times, It has made me a stonger woman…….


  4. Sorry you’re in such a situation sweets, im sure things will turn around for you soon. Better, happier and healthier times always find their way to good people <3. Hang in there -cheers for you-


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