Opportunity for you!

Hey there!

3 more chapters to the end of the “I don`t want to be me” story! What next you could read then?

Well there is one idea:

Send me a request for one-shot story with Thranduil (Middle-EarthXmodern, doesn`t matter, just no slash pls:]) till the end of the September.

I will draw once again one of your requests and write it as you wish!

You can send as many requests as you want, no limits.

I will publish it once the I don`t want to be me will be finished:]




4 thoughts on “Opportunity for you!

  1. Wow! To tell you I really don’t care what you write, just as long as you write. Very rearly do I ever finish a middle-earth fan fiction but I really loved yours. Thanks for all the writing you have done!

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  2. I agree exactly with Tami!! You do have a nitch!! I never finish the other fan fiction stories either!! I will read what ever you write girlfriend!!💗 Hope your doing well’n💗


  3. How about where his Father spirit visits him to help him along…..or that his wife is visited by one of the Ancient Elders!


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