For You

First of all – thank you.

Thanks all fo you who were patient with me and read the story I wrote.

It is incredible. You have no idea how many stories (read “attempts”) I wrote and never finished. Never published.

Until now.

You know, there was a friend who sometimes writes as well. And I was stuck with another story I was writing (for more than ten years now) and he told me: “Just start writing. Doesn’t matter what you are gonna write, just write. Get used to it and write regularly. And publish it on the internet. People will push you to continue, to finish it.”

I started with the first attempt of Thranduil`s story last year in January or so. In my native language, which is Czech, and just to my OneNote. It didn`t work. I stopped. Again. And the friend of mine told me again to publish it on the internet and he also added: “Don`t read it afterward. Just correct the basic mistakes and don`t edit it at all. Just write.”

And he was damn right.

I started I don`t want to be me a year ago. In October. No, it is not a purpose to finish it in October one year later, lol. But it is kinda nice, isn`t it?

YOU, readers, kept me writing. YOU, readers, pushed me to finish it. YOU, readers, made me build this story in the way it is. YOU, readers, pushed me to spend my days and mostly nights thinking how to add storylines and keep the flow.

It`s not just about writing. In my case, it is about finishing.

And I made it. Thanks to YOU.

So huge thank you and I hope that you will like my stories in the future as well.

Because I am not done, yet.



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