I was thinking…

I was thinking…and I wonder…Would you read the story even though the main character wouldn`t be Thranduil but some other Elf?

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(Do not fear to be honest. There is no wrong answer:])

10 thoughts on “I was thinking…

  1. I have already identified thranduil with your story…the bitterness, his majesty, handsomeness, attitude and swag are all there… but it’s your story and you could do whatever you want with it. I would still be able to follow the flow of your story anyway, and i believe i would still love it ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Who are you going to replace him with? Caranthir the dark? Eol? (kidding)

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    1. Thank you:] I was just talking with my colleague at work who knows about my story and he asked me this and I found out I cannot answer . I think it is interesting question though


  2. I would still read on. Love the way you write, and it has brought me closer to my once most hated elf. Now i don’t know if i will be able to live without him.

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  3. I love reading about Thranduil and now hes showing love for his son, want to see this relationship evolve as it should, to raise his son as Prince. You can bring in other Elves as need be…but please keep Thranduil as he is main character as his son is……….


  4. No,I want to read only about thranduil and his son .Also i ‘d like if you write about their realshionship in more detail.


    1. Thanks for comment. I will write more about Thran and Legolas relationship only if it will suit the storyline.


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