I don`t want to be me

Hello guys,

I bring some news again.

From tomorrow the first part of The Elvenking series will not be available online. Not even on Archive of our own. So there is the last chance to read it or so.


I had this crazy idea to edit it and rewrite it to something which will be more my own book. Wish me luck, please. LOL

I know that a lot of you don`t agree with this perhaps and that you don`t wish to read about someone else than Thranduil. I understand that. But I wish to try it at least.

I will write some one-shots from time to time to keep you satisfied at least a little bit. Perhaps some side stories from these series I wrote. What do you think?

What does it mean for the second part of The Elvenking series – The Children of the Sun? It won`t be finished probably.  To get in again I had to read it after myself once again and I have to be honest with you – I lost some links and tracks what I was gonna say and do there. Also, I want to project the ideas into my own story.

I am not sure if I will ever finish the rewriting. Or if it will be ever published. But If I finish it and anyone here would be interested, you`ll get a copy, I promise! It will be the same story but with different names.

Any suggestion for a name instead of Thranduil?:D

I hope you are not mad so much. Thank you for your support the whole year of writing. It was the most amazing experience I had in this area. You were and are awesome.

Also, if anyone here is writing something as well and want to discuss it, I am open to it. I am really interested in your works too!

Thanks again for everything.




One thought on “I don`t want to be me

  1. Im always here to read your stuff!Um if you still looking for some names you can send a message to me at trisblue19@gmail.com an Id be happy to chat over things with you. (I know the struggle of writing things.)


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