Adrenaline rush, part 3

“Tauriel…” Thranduil whispered her name again. 

But this time softly, with kindness. The young elleth gasped again when the King licked the drops of blood on her neck and placed a wet kiss on her little injury. Leaning back towards her, pressing her against the wall, Thranduil was mapping her neck with kisses up to her lips again. When they finally locked in another deep kiss, she moaned. She felt his hands discovering her curves. They slid from her sides to her bottom, catching it.

Tauriel embraced him around his neck to steady herself when he pulled her up. She locked her legs around his slim waist. It took her breath to feel his body so pressed against hers, to feel his passion making him hard. The King wanted her as badly as she wanted him.

Tauriel lost the track of the time and reality. Her fists were full of the silky white hair. The King`s tongue in her mouth threatened what he might do in between her legs later. It was truly different from other encounters she experienced until now. It was nothing serious, just a light touch here and there, some kisses, some tongues like young ones use to do in the law of discovering the love life. But to feel a well-built warrior, more than several thousands years older than her, more skilled than her in acts of passion…

She moaned loudly when Thranduil slid his warm large palms under her tunic.

“Please…” Tauriel cried out into his ear. She couldn`t miss the goosebumps it gave him.

“Please what?” He silently growled into her hair which remained him a pure fire. Fire what destroyed him nearly and was destroying him now again.

“Take me already…You are killing me.” She breathed out between the moans. He was kissing her roughly, playing with her breasts but didn`t touch her loin yet. And she was mad with him anyway. Even more when she heard a deep laugh muffled by her own skin.

But suddenly he pulled away from her heated skin and tilted his head. The thick eyebrows knitted together.

When she inhaled and opened her mouth to ask what is going on, he pressed a ringed finger on her lips.

“Shhh…The guards…”

It was then when Tauriel`s well-trained ears picked it up too. The sound of soft footsteps on the leaves and muffled voices as they talked together. Thranduil let her slid down on her feet carefully. Tauriel couldn`t hide the disappointment. She looked up at him. His eyes were a shade darker than usual. Hard to say if from the passion they shared or from the lack of light but the wildness she spotted on the battlefield was there again.

He leaned down to her and attacked her lips. So distracted by it, she couldn`t even defend herself when his hand slipped under her pants into her wet core. Her knees almost betrayed her but he caught her.

The King smirked, pulling away when she was steady again.

He tasted his own fingers with the sweet juice of the arousal with a face of satisfaction and then he turned on his heel, picked up the swords and his coat and left without even saying a word.

Tauriel felt more frustrated than ever. The little encounter with the King left her wanting and in almost physical pain from need. But she couldn`t bring herself to find another one to fulfill them. She had a couple of admirers around her, but she couldn`t wash away the thought of the King himself. But the problem was, she didn`t want the King but what was beneath that mask of his.

Another few months passed away and now she was returning from another mission the King ordered. Clearing the forest was a never-ending task and very tiring. The spiders were everywhere and stronger and stronger. Her body was sore, her mood down like almost all past days since that night.

She didn`t have the right feeling of success from her own work either and she just wanted to go to the bed and forget everything.

Tauriel got rid of her clothes and boots and gladly sank into the hot water in the bath. Laying there like a dead fish she tried to prolong the moment when she will have to get up and go to report to the King as much as possible. But when the water got cold and her fingers were wrinkled she just sighed and went to fulfill her duty.

The redhaired Captain of the Guards sighed silently. She got more and more annoyed every second she was standing there in the King`s study meanwhile Thranduil was studying the map they draw for him about the nests and spiders. He was silent the whole time she was talking and now he didn`t say a word either. She was tired and mad because it was him again, the cold, emotionless King, not the one who was kissing her so roughly behind the armory one night.

“You said that you cleared four nests just a day from the Halls?” He spoke for the first time in what it seems like ages.

“Yes, we did, my King. Just a day of a ride from here.” She answered flatly.

Thranduil raised his light blue eyes from the map to her.

“Thank you for the report, Captain.”

She tilted her head and turned to leave. When she just touched the doorknob he spoke again.

“Tauriel….meet me in my gardens tonight…”

That voice…

A shiver ran down her spine.

She looked at him and there it was. The hunger, that light smirk of his. She just bit her lip anxiously, her heartbeat rapidly increased, and left the study behind. Her mood suddenly changed for better.

It was almost midnight. The night sky was full of stars and the light breeze caressed the red hair in waves. Her green eyes were staring towards the balcony, the huge carved doors which were opened and led to the King`s chambers. They were opened but the rooms were dark. The King didn`t retire yet. What was keeping him so long?

Tauriel sighed and leaned towards the tree to support her body. Her eyes never leaving the balcony. The pointy ears were picking every sound around her. It wasn`t common to walk in the King`s gardens but somehow he managed to guess that she was capable of stealing inside without being seen. And he was right. So there she is staying and where the hell is he?

Suddenly the lights went on as the servant lit the chamber and a minute later the King emerged inside. Tauriel`s heart skipped a beat when she noticed that his first look led into the darkness of the gardens. But as soon as the servant left a hidden visitor stepped into the light of the room. Tauriel widened her eyes. The stranger pulled aside the cloak and she recognized a blond-haired woman. Thranduil was surprised, probably asking her something and then, to Tauriel`s biggest disappointment, he closed the door to the gardens and shut the scene out.

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