Adrenaline rush, part 4

The last part is here! Enjoy!

Thranduil ran fingers through his hair, the sign of a frustration, and sighed. The Lady of Lothorien came to surprise him at night just in the most unexpected way. She didn`t present herself as a guest through his Throne room, no, she has sneaked into his personal chambers. He would expect any other elleth, not her, to do this. It almost caused him a heart attack.

As soon as Galadriel explained him the reason of her invisible visit, he absolutely forgot about Tauriel in his gardens. The matter of politics and possible war filled his brain fully and it took the rest of the night until they agreed on a way to solve the situation. After that, she left just like she appeared, like a ghost.

Is she even elf, still?

He put aside his robes and ordered to not disturb him, he needed a rest. The guards, nodding, didn`t seem surprised. The King often worked till late night and got some sleep in the morning when the sun was waking. They will just postpone his breakfast and meeting with advisors.

Thranduil closed the door and there came the moment when he remembered that Tauriel was supposed to meet him in the gardens.


He ran fingers through his hair again. She will be mad, very mad. It wasn`t nice from him to forget it like this. But what he could do anyway? Nothing. Now he was obligated. Valars,..He shouldn`t have get involved with her like this. It was stupid. And now he will have to solve his Captain`s emotions instead of coming war.  Damn it.

But she will have to understand. He is the King, he has responsibilities which go first.

But it wasn`t nice anyway. To dispose of her like that? Oh, no, he might be colder than he used to be, but he was not cruel.

The passionate kissing and touches behind the armory came into his mind. He sighed again. He felt so on fire with her and so young, like a teenager, hiding behind that armory. He chuckled. Hel felt like five thousand years younger than he was in that moment.

It all started with an adrenaline rush. Almost everyone felt it after a good fight. When all the emotions and excitement run through your blood wildly, the realization you are still alive, you survived.

And when she surprised him that evening on the training field it was almost the same.

But now the adrenaline rush he felt was another kind. It was adrenaline from a passion. He fought with himself whether he should go to her or not. The reason knew he should end it right away. Perhaps let it be like this, when she is mad at him, when he disappointed her. The softer side of him felt guilt. He had never behaved to an elleth like this. It wasn`t his way. He respected every woman in his life. Tauriel deserved a respect too. And there was a passion. The wanting. The throbbing in his loins when he thought of her moaning.

Damn it.

Tauriel didn`t hear the door, nor the steps so it startled her greatly when she felt someone else in the bed. Her instinct was well-trained and with two moves, she was sitting on a possible enemy with a dagger at his throat. It took her a few seconds to blink the sleep from her green eyes and they went wide from the realization it was Thranduil under her dagger.


She frowned but couldn`t help and admire the view. How his silky hair spread on the pillow, his eyes were amused and the plain shirt he had didn`t cover much from his broad chest.

“Shall I feel offended that you expected someone else?” He chuckled despite the dagger at his throat. She was a view as well. Her red hair was shining in the morning sun she had in her back and she slept in a huge shirt, similar to his, not in a night-dress as other elleths did. He had never seen an elleth in ellon`s clothes. It was kind of…sexy.

“I want you to leave. You had your chance.” She growled, madly with an edge of hurt feelings in her voice.

Thranduil put his hands on her thighs gently.

“Lady Galadriel visited me last night. I couldn`t leave…”

“Is she your lover?”

Thranduil laughed.

“What? No!”

Tauriel fell silent, feeling stupid that she asked. She would never ask if he was standing, dressed properly, acting like a king. But now he was different. Again. She sighed.

“Are you jealous?” He asked her with a playful tone. Oh, Valars, he can do that? Tauriel frowned, offended.


“Then put aside the knife.”

They looked at each other`s eyes. Both of them knowing that he could disarm her as easily as a small child.

“I was waiting there like an idiot.” She couldn`t help but reproach him. Her voice sounded mad but he saw that her eyes were hurt. And he noticed the redness around them. She has cried…

Thranduil sighed and rubbed her legs gently.

“I came here as soon as she left. I did not plan it like this. The matters of the kingdom-“

“go always first.” She finished his sentence, “So I should thank you now or what?”

“No, ” Thranduil whispered with a soft deep voice, “put the knife aside and accept me..”

He gently caught her wrist and pulled it away so the dagger wasn`t threatening his throat anymore and then sat up. Tauriel broke the eye contact, not really knowing what to do. She had him in her bed, he acted gently. She sensed an apology in his behavior. So she let him embrace her and kiss her.

And at the moment their lips locked, she was lost. The dagger was forgotten somewhere on the edge of the bed, her hands had another work to do now. He lied back with her on top of him.

“We shouldn`t do this…” Tauriel whispered just an inch from his thin lips. A little fear crept inside her head.

“No, we shouldn`t.” He breathed and locked her in another kiss.

“You will hurt me.”

Thranduil broke the kiss this time completely, looking into her eyes. He caressed her cheek so gently, she couldn`t believe it. And she couldn’t believe what she said as well. She silently reproached herself, fearing his reaction now.

“Believe me, Tauriel, I never intend to…And if…I am good at making up.”

She chuckled.

“I see.”

As soon as she pressed her body to his and kissed him he rolled them over so he was on top now.

“Now is your last chance to stop me, little one.” He growled into her pointed ear. A shiver ran down her spine.

Tauriel got rid of his shirt and ran her small hands across his chest.

“I don`t want to stop you.”

He bit her sensitive skin on the neck and replaced it with a kiss immediately. She couldn`t help but moan and arch her body towards him. She put her legs around his slim waist to pull him as close to her as she could to feel his hard member. The sound which left his mouth was almost animal-like. His eyes got a shade darker than usual, full of passion and want. But still, she felt that he was holding himself. And she didn`t want that.

Her curious hands slid to the lacing of his pants, and she started quickly and clumsily taking them off. He helped her a little and when she finally caught his hard pride with both hands she couldn`t believe it. He moaned with pleasure. It was ages since someone touched him like this for the last time.

It took almost all his willpower to not fuck her like a beast right here and right now. He wanted her to enjoy it, to give her a pleasure she deserved. He didn`t bother with undressing her, he just pulled it up and hungrily licked her aroused nipples. With her hands around his cock, it was almost impossible to calm himself down. He rather continued kissing her, tasting her body all the way down until she couldn`t reach him and he dipped his tongue into her lascivious juices. She already soaked the sheets under them and he decided to lick all the sweet fluid to not waste it.

Tauriel moaned loudly every time his tongue touched her pearl, arching her body and secretly wishing him to stop and not to stop at the same time. Her legs were wide apart, her head dizzy.

The view of him between her legs with hair tossed at one side was spectacular. He fitted there, she thought for a mere second. Until his unbelievably blue eyes looked straight into hers. He slid his two fingers into her to build up her pleasure even more and she called his name like a mad woman. She realized her mistake and rather muffled her next moans with biting into her own arm.

With tongue and fingers in her loin, he started playing with her nipples with the other hand as well. It took her over the edge immediately. She gripped his shoulder, nails digging deep into his skin and she moaned loudly more than ever, the small river of her pleasure was swept away into a great waterfall.

He couldn`t wait anymore. His own pleasure threatened to spill. Thranduil caught her and pulled her closer to him, kissing her roughly until her lips were dark red and swollen. He stopped himself for a moment, just to carefully slide into her but she gripped his hips and pulled him so close that he felt her around him up to the root of his member. It almost broke him. Despite the orgasm and rich juices, she was still so tight that he almost forgot to breathe. He supported himself with his hands next to her head, watching her face meanwhile he was slowly moving his hips. She was staring at him with wide eyes, mouth open and moaning every time she felt him whole inside her.

He frowned with his lips slightly opened. In dark blue eyes, she saw he was getting out of control and it was what she wanted. She lifted her hips to meet him and the thrust stronger than usual showed him what she wanted. And he gave it to her. Forgetting all the elaborate moves he just started thrusting into her wildly. The bed was shaking, hitting against the wall but they were ignoring it.

He fell on his elbows, kissing her roughly but he didn`t slow down. She held him close to her, pulling his hair and breathlessly whispering his name. He lifted her hips with one hand and her heart skipped a beat. It hit her again and him as well. They moaned together loudly, she called his name for the last time and then he fell next to her, gasping for an air.

They were lying like that in silent for a while. Tauriel then looked at him. He was there, naked with closed eyes, his breath was calming down. The sweat on his body made his skin glowing like a diamond in the sun. He felt her look and took her hand and squeezed.

“Are you alright?’

“Yes..” she whispered. It all felt weird now and she didn`t know what to think. She feared his behavior towards her now.

Like he would know what she thinks, he shifted himself on an elbow and turned to her, kissing her palm and then her lips.

“I don`t want to go, but I have to…”

She just nodded and broke the eye contact.

He lied next to her again, this time closer, and pulled her into an embrace. She cuddled to him like her life would depend on it and hid her face under his chin. She didn`t want to look at him to see that his expression is changing back to normal. She didn’t want to see the King again.

He was drawing slow circles with fingertips on her back.

“What now..?” She whispered and for a while, she thought he didn`t hear her. He kissed her head gently.

“There is a secret passage at the end of this hallway. I came this way this morning.” He said after a while, “It leads to my chambers.”

She looked at him now, surprised.

“We can dine together later this evening.”

She was scanning his face, his eyes, not really believing what she heard.

“Will the King be there?’

He smiled a little but still, it reached his eyes.

“If we won`t talk about work, I believe he will retire soon and leave us alone.”

She smiled as well, blushing. She kissed him lightly.

“So what do you say?”

“I`d love to dine with you.”


I am sorry it took a romantic turn…:/:D

2 thoughts on “Adrenaline rush, part 4

  1. como não se apaixonar por esses dois?!please don’t whine. It was one of the best romantic novels I’ve ever read. I wanted more.


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