Hello, friends!

I guess you noticed there are few changes done to this website.

The first part of I don`t want to be me disappeared from Archive of our Own and from here as well.

The Children of the Sun chapters are still online, but not finished and probably won`t be finished.

I am editing the first part – I don`t want to be me. There will be some changes in the storyline, some details and in characters as I`m trying hard to re-write this into something of my own. I don`t want it to be a fanfiction anymore.

Wish me luck.

Due to these changes, I am looking for two beta-readers of the old-new story who wouldn`t mind Thranduil won`t be called a Thranduil anymore.

I am also looking for someone with perfect English, who would have time to correct my writings. But the important thing about that – I do not want anybody who would change the text and the meaning of the sentences. It would be long-term cooperation with a lot of communication with me.

Who wants to sign up, please send me an email ->

From time to time I will rest by writing some one-shots as I did not long ago with Adrenaline Rush:] So I am not lost to this world either! I accept requests!

Also, follow me on Instagram to remember old times with my fanfictions. I am still posting about The Evelvenking series. Keep up to date!

Thanks! And see ya soon here again!



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