I am looking for a Beta Reader!

Hello there!

As you probably know already, I am working on editing The Elvenking series into my own story.

It goes slowly because it`s so much work than to actually write something new. And also I have lack of time but I am trying hard to give it a chance.

However, I would need a beta reader.

What should Beta reader know?

  • If you know the fanfic story I don`t want to be me, it is okay as well as if you have never read it at all.
  • I need someone who is able to communicate frequently via social media with me (probably facebook, skype or so) and is able to provide an opinion about a chapter I would send over.
  • I need you to be discrete and reliable.
  • You can correct grammar but please do not correct the storyline or dialogues. However, you may suggest changes. I am open to a criticism
  • There will be no Thranduil in the story anymore. But the personality of the main character remains.
  • The storyline will change slightly. Or slightly more. I am an unpredictable writer, heh.

If you are interested, or if you have any question, please send me an email -> jana.vesela@metallum.cz

Thanks for your help!



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