About the series

The Elvenking series are a series of a fanfiction dedicated to Thranduil`s life.

As you probably know already, Thranduil Oropherion is a character from the Tolkien`s books, the King of the Woodland Realm\Greenwood\Mirkwood. He is a father of the well known Legolas Greenleaf.

The Elvenking series are planned as three “books”.

The first book is called I don`t want to be me.

Thranduil is a young prince, who feels, that he has been born in the wrong place and to the wrong family. He is wild, hot-headed and stubborn, enjoying his younghood. But there is a war coming upon them and his father, King Oropher, is about to marry him to a strange elleth. What will come next and how Thranduil will deal with everything that comes to his life is included:]

A story about a friendship, love and ruling the kingdom  – that is I don`t want to be me.

The second book is called The Children of the Sun

Thranduil, as the last living Elvenking, has to come to terms with his own destiny and the never-ending bad luck in his life. The world around him is in a war. He has lost too much but it seems he is willing to lose more just to get what he wants.

What kind of darkness will he fight this time?