Opportunity for you!

Hey there!

3 more chapters to the end of the “I don`t want to be me” story! What next you could read then?

Well there is one idea:

Send me a request for one-shot story with Thranduil (Middle-EarthXmodern, doesn`t matter, just no slash pls:]) till the end of the September.

I will draw once again one of your requests and write it as you wish!

You can send as many requests as you want, no limits.

I will publish it once the I don`t want to be me will be finished:]




Just like that

Hello my dear readers,

I guess you are expecting rather a new chapter than a chit chat like this. Well a new chapter will be posted this evening (in like 6 hours).
I’ve also found out that we have like 15 chapters to the end of the story. It is still a lot, it surprised me as well. The number might change as every chapter is freshly written and I don’t always follow the lead of my own draft and notes.
Second part will be planned as well, let’ s hope my muse won’t leave me and she will stay loyal.
Thank you for your attention and patience between the chapters. Thank you that you still read this and that you leave a comment or like for me.

Have a nice rest of the weekend.