1. The first part of my books – I don`t want to be me is called after a song from Type O Negative – I don`t want to be me (Youtube)
  2. Thranduil`s desperation during war was easily written thanks to this video and music: Youtube
  3. My story is not based on Tolkien`s world completely
  4. Sometimes I write down some sentences to use them in future chapters in dialogs
  5. And sometimes I create a whole scene just because of one sentence I really liked and wanted to use
  6. The first part of the series took a year to  finish.
  7. I loved elves since I was a small child
  8. I hate hobbits
  9. The second part is called after this song
  10. The war tactics and scenes are based on the Roman army and strategies
  11. There are so many lyrics from songs I even stopped counting.
  12. For example,  Thranduil`s coronation speech
  13. Tavarille survived for so long just because readers liked her.
  14. The Elvenking Series supposed to be more erotic, like 50 shades of Grey but it happened to be more political and as you know it now.