About the author


I am Tal, an author of The Elvenking series.

I love Thranduil and the fandom built around this character. On this website I would like to worship him and perhaps add more ideas about his life to the air.

I am from Prague, which is in Czech Republic in Europe. I love writing and reading. I love forests, deers, foxes,…and my dog Zuzana!:D

I am open to criticism and discussion so feel free to contact me:]

Also visit #FunFacts page where you can find interesting facts about my fanfic or my BLOG

You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

Instagram: @thranduils_story or my personal one @classytal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elvenkingseries/

Twitter: @thranduilsstory

Snapchat: talprg

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