The Children Of The Sun

“You don`t want to do this…”
Thranduil didn`t respond. He didn`t even get angry like usually when someone spoke like this without being asked to do so. He was quiet.
And then Sorontur saw it.
He saw that this King was not the one he used to serve to. This was not the elf he knew from the birth. This King was the one with the hollow heart and a darkening soul.
“I do.” He heard him answer.

In two days…Be ready…Because Thranduil is back.

Opportunity for you!

Hey there!

3 more chapters to the end of the “I don`t want to be me” story! What next you could read then?

Well there is one idea:

Send me a request for one-shot story with Thranduil (Middle-EarthXmodern, doesn`t matter, just no slash pls:]) till the end of the September.

I will draw once again one of your requests and write it as you wish!

You can send as many requests as you want, no limits.

I will publish it once the I don`t want to be me will be finished:]